Climate Partner

The European Outdoor Group is extremely pleased to be collaborating with myclimate. We will be off-setting 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions which will go towards the carbon footprint generated by delegates' air travel to the Summit.

The value of 150 tonnes is calculated at €3,575 and will go to one of these three projects, the winner will be voted for by the delegates and announced at the Summit.

Better Life in Indigenous Villages due to Solar and Efficient Cook Stoves - Bolivia

From waste to organic fertilizer - Nepal

Efficient Rocket Barns help cut Wood Consumption - Malawi

About myclimate - The Climate Protection Partnership

myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. Together with industry partners and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programmes, as well as its own projects. It does so in a market-oriented and customer-focused way as a non-profit organisation.

The high quality projects promote quantifiable climate protection and greater sustainability worldwide. CO2 emissions are currently compensated voluntarily by means of more than 70 climate protection projects in 30 countries. Emissions are reduced there by replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energies, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies. myclimate climate protection projects meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, CDM, Plan Vivo), which are not only proven to reduce greenhouse gasses locally and regionally, but also make a positive contribution to sustainable development.

Since the foundation was estabilshed these projects have created thousands of jobs, protected biodiversity and improved the general living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people.

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