BUS -  the bus stop is right in front of the BHR hotel (named “BHR Treviso Hotel”). Tickets can be bought at the BHR reception - Bus number 11

TAXI - 10 minutes €15-€18

MINI BUS - Guests can reserve a mini bus from the BHR reception (up to 8 people).

BIKE RENTAL - Guests can hire a bike from the BHR reception 1/2 Day €10 / Full Day €15

Treviso is a small, prosperous and lovely town situated in the North East of Italy. Its history is ancient and full of important events that have transformed this town into what we can now all admire. Everyone who had the privilege and was lucky enough to visit Treviso, fell in love with it, thanks to the beauty of its architectural and artistic heritage, the friendly and welcoming people, the clean streets and the general safety.

Along the streets - Discovering the history of Treviso surrounded by its buildings, towers and churches

Walking is the best way to visit the old town. Strolling along its streets and alleys will allows you to fully enjoy Treviso’s architectural and artistic history. You will be able to capture every single detail that characterizes the facades of the ancient patrician buildings. The finely decorated arcades, the barbicans that support the roofs of the buildings, without the aid of pillars, and the painted walls and the faux tapestry are some of the elements that characterize medieval Treviso. During your walk you will run across Treviso’s small and romantic squares: Piazza Duomo, Piazza Rinaldi (the ancient location of the fruit market) and Piazza dei Signori, where the Council of the Three-hundreds, who ruled the town, used to meet in 1300.

From one church to another - Not only places of worship but also guardians of works created by unmatched artists of the past

During your walk along the streets of Treviso’s old town, you will come across many churches, full of masterpieces. Among them, he ones not to be missed are:  the Cathedral with the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament by Antonio Lombardo, with sculptures by Bregno; the early Christian crypt and the Annunziata Chapel. Inside it you can admire the altarpiece by Tiziano, portraying “the Annunciation” and the fresco composition by Il Pordenone. Just after the cathedral you will find San Nicolò’s church with pictorial cycles by Lorenzo Lotto and Tommaso da Modena. The latter also decorated other churches in the city centre, among which San Francesco, Santa Lucia, and Santa Maria Maggiore, that also preserve works by Cima da Conegliano and Il Pozzoserrato.

Old Town Museums

The building of the Museo Civico of Treviso is situated at the intersection between via Caccianiga and Borgo Cavour. In reality this institution is a complex of independent units: in Borgo Cavour you will find the most impressive part, with the art gallery and the archeological, medieval and contemporary section. In Santa Caterina’s church you can find a series of frescos by Tommaso da Modena on the stories of Sant’Orsola and many more works; the Casa da Noal , in via Canova, also known as “Museo della casa trevigiana”, contains the so-called minor art collections. Lastly, the Museo del Risorgimento (Italian unification) is situated in viale Cadorna.


For people who want to relax the BHR has fitness & spa centre at the 6th floor. Please notice that the entrance is free for guests at BHR . The access is by the room badge, that has to be activated at the reception.




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