We’re all deeply involved in the day-to-day hustle of outdoor business, but how often do we take a step back and look at everything that we do from the perspective of a consumer?  Without satisfied consumers we have no industry.  For this year’s European Outdoor Summit, we aim to examine what we do through the eyes, needs and aspirations of the target audience who should always be our single most important focus.

ASSESS the situation

Assessing consumers’ needs is an integral part of any successful business.  Not in a one-off ‘now we’ve done it’ sense, but as a continuous process, with an evolving feedback loop that ensures we stay focused on what can really make a difference.  With technology changing so fast, how do you set up an effective insight system that ensures you remain on target?  How do you ensure that this system is sufficiently holistic and covers every single relevant element of a consumer’s behaviour?

FULFIL the demand

Insight and effective assessment are worthless unless you have a business that can use those inputs effectively.  How can you enhance your range of business fulfilment activities to secure satisfied and loyal customers?  You must be able to harness cutting edge developments, speed to market, and deliver availability in line with demand, while being able to fulfil the wider aspirations of consumers, through social responsibility, sound environmental practices or just plain old fashioned, outstanding customer service!  This is where everything really counts.

ACTIVATE the population

Outdoor faces no end of competitive threats, whether that be from electronics, or the ever more sedate life of the 21st century, so finding ways of inspiring our consumers is crucial.  We all know that outdoor activities are fantastic, but are we able to communicate that with enough impact to the many and varied stakeholders who need to be convinced in order for us to be successful?


While we are choosing to divide our subjects as outlined above and keynote speakers will be lined up accordingly, we aim to ensure that everyone has the option to focus on the areas that they feel are most important to them and their business.  Therefore, we will organise breakout sessions throughout the event that will cover different topic areas.

Please note that this is a draft timetable and will be updated and distributed regularly when speakers, workshops and activities are confirmed. This schedule may be subject to change.



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