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Technology in all forms has consistently outpaced sector development over the last two decades and the pace of change is accelerating.  Within the spectrum of impacts, there are winners, losers, laggards and the blissfully unaware.  We seek to look at the future from an outdoor sector perspective and to pinpoint the opportunities for transformation in a way that enhances differentiation for outdoor companies.

Why not test your digital future readiness with the ISPO Digital Readiness Check? 


We aim to ensure that everyone has the option to focus on the areas that they feel are most important to them and their business.  Therefore, we will organise breakout sessions throughout the event that will cover different topic areas.


CLICK ON THE DAY TO VIEW THE TIMETABLE - Please note that this is a draft timetable and will be updated and distributed regularly when speakers, workshops and activities are confirmed. This schedule may be subject to change.

YOGA on the Deck with Sara Ivarsson

During this summit you will have the opportuntity to start your mornings (wednesday and thursday - vet inte om konferensen varar fler dagar?) with yoga led by Sara on the wooden decks outside Malmö Live. Each class will slowly awaken and energize you. The yoga is suitable for all abilities and will create movement for your body and a calm and clear mind, so you can take on the summit feeling fresh, focused and relaxed.

Sara Ivarsson works as a yoga teacher and runners coach in Malmö, Sweden. Being active outdoors is what she loves - whether its running, mountainbiking, swimming, hiking or doing yoga doesn´t matter, as long as she can be close to nature. An active yogi since she was 20, she started teaching six years ago, leading yoga classes outside in Malmö´s parks. 


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Run with a Local

Start the conference day off with a morning jog for about 40-45 minutes (not a sprint) to get that dopamine refill and chance to see the city of Malmö.
Your guide, Måns Renntun, is not only the creater of the local running movement Guerilla Runners of Malmö, he’s also a master of Malmö curiosities so prepare for some simultaneous sightseeing! The pace? Everybody can join - we won’t leave anyone behind.

Registration, Coffee & Network

Registration, Coffee & Network

EOS 2018 Welcome

Welcome to the EOS 2018 by the European Outdoor Group

Welcome to Sweden

Short presentation by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group

Welcome to Malmö

Short presentation on Malmö by Tourist Skåne

Technology Disruption - running towards it or away from it? Everything you need to know!

Digital Transformation

AI, IoT, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Advanced Robotics, Virtual Reality are all converging to create a wave of change for consumers and businesses. John's session will highlight how it works in laymans terms and the opportunities and disruption it will create.

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Keynote - An Industry Case Study

The SportScheck Transformation Journey - from Product to Consumer, from Retail to Platform!

Industry Case Study

Consumers seek convenience, monopolies control consumer access, retail landscape consolidates, suppliers compete with retailers and product USPs become marginal: Retailers and brands must reinvent themselves.

What will be the future "Reason Why“ for SportScheck?

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FIKA & Networking

Location - Sponsor Networking Area

Breakout Sessions

1: Marius Janta - WT | Wearable Technologies
2: Klaus Förderer & Markus Müller - GS1
3: Liesl Truscott - Textile Exchange

Breakout 1:  Marius Janta, WT | Wearable Technologies - The Future of Wearable Technologies in Outdoor

The outdoor market is booming and related industries are growing. Wearable Technologies become more intelligent, sophisticated and miniaturized. With examples from the eco-system, this break out session will underline the valuable interfaces between both areas that will leverage e.g. user experience and safety outdoors, show potential transfers from other branches and vision future perspectives.

Breakout 2:  Klaus Förderer & Markus Müller, GS1 - EDI – Driver of Digitalisation in the Supply Chain

Although present for many years, EDI is still the backbone of digital communication between supply chain partners in order to serve customers in the best way. This presentation gives an overview of the current importance of EDI in general, and – combination with process recommendations – how to add value for businesses and consumers. This leads to fast and reliable replenishment through automated processes. Additionally Best-Practice-Examples are given from the apparel sector. Digitalisation, Omnichannel-Retail, Customer Journey – disruptive new technologies need to count on reliable communication standards.

Breakout 3: Liesl Truscott, Textile Exchange - 

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Leaders in a Digital World

A challenging, yet exciting future awaits us. Digital technologies impact and change our world at exponential force. *Are you coping with the increasing speed of change? *Have you figured out what you need to un-learn in order to re-learn? *Are you inspiring your team and ecosystem to take action? Based on leadership research and leadership engagement there are insights to build on. Leaders of the future will have to: *Sense at Scale *Involve to Innovate *Align the Actions.  This interactive session encourages you to take your leadership into the Digital Age

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Light My Fire Introduces Lunch!

Light My Fire Introduces Lunch!

Lunch & Networking

Location to be announced


From Helping to Bring Stuff to the Trailhead - To Joining in the Fun!

A description of how the Thule Group over the last few years have transformed the company from being the world-leader in transport solutions on the car for bikes, kayaks, skis and other stuff to becoming a company that also helps consumers enjoy active lives with products like bike hydration packs, jogging strollers and hiking packs, by holding true to the brand motto Bring your life.

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Breakout Sessions

1: Dr. Oliver Pabst - Mammut
2: John Straw - Digital Marketing Specialist
3. Nick Chiarelli - Foresight Factory

Breakout 1: An Industry Case Study

Breakout 2: Disruption - how the current wave of technology will change the consumer market and your businesses

Systemic changes in marketing catalyse new thinking on how to reach and influence consumers.

Breakout 3: Sustainable Outdoor Design : the consumer perspective

This session looks at some of the key drivers affecting how consumers are feeling now, and will feel in the future, and how this impacts on sustainable design, including political and economic change, technological innovation and social change.
Today's consumers feel uncertain about the future. They feel that life has become unpredictable. Who, after all, would have predicted a Trump adminstration or a UK Brexit vote. Political uncertainty, fake news, GDPR and data privacy concerns all impact on consumers but they also create a volatile and uncertain economic future and, as we know, uncertainty is the enemy of the retail world, particularly for those selling discretionary purchases at high-ticket prices.

It's not all negative though. We are seeing profound social change, with a rising emphasis on consumer empowerment - think of the #MeToo movement for example, as well as demographic and lifestyle changes that mean that today's consumers carve out their own pathway through life rather than adopting the lifestyles that society has traditionally expected. Technology too offers unprecedented opportunities for engagement, entertainment, efficiency and sustainability.

We'll look at how these different changes are impact on design in the outdoor industry and we'll give you a chance to have your say too!

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Refreshments & Networking

Location - Sponsor Networking Area


The Rise of Ethically Conscious Outdoor Exercise

We are seeing the emergence of ethically conscious exercise – that which combines fitness pursuits with volunteering efforts for eco-ethical causes and local communities. Getting fit, enjoying the outdoors and living ethically are areas of life in which consumers can require additional motivation. Combining them and gamifying the experience makes it fun, and easier to maintain, while creating a double feel good boost. Leisure time is upgraded, and social status gets a welcome enhancement. We'll explore the drivers of this new phenomenon and see how it is making itself manifest with examples including “plogging”.

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Plogging: How to Make Litter Picking Sexy!

Plogging (picking up litter and running) the new health, fitness and environment trend from Sweden

Following on from the data of the previous presentation (The Rise of Ethically Conscious Outdoor Exercise). Plogging is something that has risen from this mindset and how the word has spread worldwide.

Founded in Sweden by Erik, who was seeing his beautiful country becoming more and more littered, he knew had to do something about this situation. As a running-lover, he created the concept PLOGGA and released it together with other friends and planet heros. It was an instant hit, with over 1 million hits on Google. 

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Day 1 Round-Up

Summary of the first day of the EOS

Plogging around Malmo

Details to be announced

Networking Evening

Aktiebolaget Slagthuset